Manfaat Kedelai sangat bagus dalam pencegahan kanker payudara

rajabekam [dot] info:: Manfaat Kedelai sangat bagus dalam pencegahan kanker payudara telah terungkap. Sebagaimana Para peneliti dari Georgetown Medical Center dalam laporan riset yang dimuat British Journal of Cancer menekankan bahwa para wanita ABG sebaiknya rajin mengonsumsi makanan terbuat dari kedelai jika ingin terhindar dari risiko kanker payudara. Dalam kedelai, menurut peneliti terkandung sejenis zat kimia penting bernama genistein yang diklaim efektif melawan kanker.

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Sakit Saat berhubungan intim, apa saja sebabnya?| dispareunia

Rajabekam [dot] Info:: Sakit Saat berhubungan intim sangat menganggu ‘kehidupan malam’ pasangan suami istri. Bagaimana tidak keinginan agar bisa saling berbagi kebahagiaan malah justru menjadi sebuah ‘derita’ bagi teman hidupnya. Ya serba salah jadinya, ingin terus memberikan kebahagiaan, ibarat lilin, malah leleh dirinya sendiri sebab vaginanya terasa sakit.   Sakit seperti itu saat berhubungan intim juga mungkin pernah Anda alami. Apa sih penyebabnya?

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What causes us feel sore waist?

Many do not realize that the pain waist not just a simple matter. there are various symptoms of weakness of the body’s ability can be detected when we want to notice it more in depth. On this occasion let us discuss what’s behind it all.

Kidney in the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine
Chinese people are very understanding of human behavior down to the roots. Including the behavior of our organs are defined in the rule of Wu Xing [the rules of the five elements]. Wu Xing said in the human body there are ten vital organs ie liver, gallbladder, heart, small intestine, stomach, spleen, lung, colon, kidney, and bladder.
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Benefits Durio Zibethinus for Our Health

Durian (Durio zibethinus) – Durian is mainly maintained people to his men, who are generally eaten (arilus or applaud the seeds) in a fresh State. Aril is generally sweet and very nutritious because it contains a lot of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and minerals.  In the Kingdom, this fruit durian can be generated with abundant, especially in the Centre-the Centre of production in the area. Traditionally, the meat of the fruit is always preserved with exaggerated cook it with sugar to dodol durian (commonly referred to as lempok), or fermentation to be tempoyak. Furthermore, that tastes sour tempoyak is a regular ingredient such as sambal tempoyak, or to a mixture of cooking fish.

Durian was often processed into a mixture of traditional pastries, such as gelamai or porridge. Sometimes, the durian in the rice dish which is glutinous rice (glutinous) together with coconut milk. In the modern world, durian (or its scent) commonly confused in candy, ice cream, milk, and a wide variety of drinks and other fresheners. The seeds can be eaten as a snack after the boiled or baked,  or which is in kolak durian. Durian seeds are toxic and no raw can be eaten as it contains fatty acid siklopropena (cyclopropene).[10] the durian Seeds contain approximately 27% amylose.] The leaf buds (shoots), Crown of flowers, and fruit can be cooked as a vegetable young. Continue reading “Benefits Durio Zibethinus for Our Health”

New hijamah concept use combination TCM, Medic, And At thib An Nabawi

New hijamah concept – Islam is not a religion. Islam is an ad Deen (way of life) is perfect in all the areas of life in this world and happiness in the hereafter. One is the field of medical science. Islamic medicine in the past been used as a referral by doctors worldwide. Muslim physicians such as Ibn Sina, Ibn Ishaq Al Hunain Ubbadi ‘, Abu Bakr Ar Rozi, Al Biruni, Az Zahrowi, Ibn Maimun, Kahin Al Aththor, Qurroh bin Thabit, Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyah many others-became his priest.

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