The Cause of Migraen According to some Theories

This time we’ll talk about the cause of migraen. We know migraen is phenomenon of very excruciating headaches. Half our head ached so we don’t get to do activities such as usual. Some sufferers to feel difficulty walking because in addition to the migraen interfere with the pain, the pain was felt
get to make concentration when they run into troubled.

However, what exactly is the cause of a person afflicted by migraen?

  1. According to the ancient Greek era of medicine, Arataeus of capadocia (30-90 CE) States that the migraen caused by cold weather and heat. While Galen assumes that migraen is caused by the presence of irritation to the brain due to black bile fluid.
  2. Medical science is constantly evolving, according to experts in the 17th century, one of which Thomas Willis stated that migraen can be caused by the dilation of blood vessels that is dikepala. This theory also known as vascular theory. Until now the Vascular theory is still in use. A manifestation of its use is migraen treatment technique by means of narrowing the blood vessels that dilate.
  3. Opinions of experts then neurological theory that States that the migraen caused by neurological disorder in the brain. Of experts named Edward Liveiing. The doctors still haven’t been able to decide which among Vascular and neurological theory it is more important or more definite in describing the phenomenon of migraen.
  4. The latest theory, the theory of the Neurotransmitter. According to this theory, migraen happens because of the existence of a chemical substance concentration changes in the body. The main substance that holds an important influence on it called serotonin. Experience in the medical field suggests that serotonin injection can be used as a way to relieve the attack migraen.

Hopefully the explanation of the theory led to migraen above can inspire you all. Thank you.

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