New hijamah concept use combination TCM, Medic, And At thib An Nabawi

New hijamah concept – Islam is not a religion. Islam is an ad Deen (way of life) is perfect in all the areas of life in this world and happiness in the hereafter. One is the field of medical science. Islamic medicine in the past been used as a referral by doctors worldwide. Muslim physicians such as Ibn Sina, Ibn Ishaq Al Hunain Ubbadi ‘, Abu Bakr Ar Rozi, Al Biruni, Az Zahrowi, Ibn Maimun, Kahin Al Aththor, Qurroh bin Thabit, Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyah many others-became his priest.

New hijamah concept & techniques of cupping treatment

Unfortunately, over time, the glory of Muslim doctors and scholars are increasingly fade at meal time. Today, the doctors as well as Muslims are blinded by western medical science is far from Islamic values. Already low interest them to re-examine the books of scholars about the science of medicine that bahasannya no less useful than the literature of the west. Therefore, it is the obligation for us to take ourselves and the people back to Islam. Back eager to read, examine, study the Quran and Sunnah Al-Sunnah are valid, as evidence of our love for God and His Apostle, and certainly gives us a healthy science is essential. One of them is to learn the techniques of cupping treatment (Al Hijamah).

Cupping treatment has long been used by some Muslims and have been proven its efficacy. Evidence of the latest modern medical research has also strengthened the belief that therapeutic benefits are encouraged by these angels. More amazing news we are cupping has been proven scientifically-bi-idnillah [permission of Allah] able to cure various diseases that the doctors have declared ‘hands up’ to handle it.


New hijamah concept synergize the three sources of knowledge

Alhamdulillah scientific bruise continues to develop until the second treatment paradigm is emerging a new bruise that we call New hijamah concept BEKAM SYNERGY. A term referring to the formulation of cupping therapy to synergize the three disciplines of medicine, namely Modern Medical treatment, Medical Sciences Ath Thibbun Nabawi, and Chinese Medicine (TCM). A New hijamah concept method of thinking can really be expected to synergize the three sources of knowledge of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala gift to human life on earth.

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