What causes us feel sore waist?

Many do not realize that the pain waist not just a simple matter. there are various symptoms of weakness of the body’s ability can be detected when we want to notice it more in depth. On this occasion let us discuss what’s behind it all.

Kidney in the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine
Chinese people are very understanding of human behavior down to the roots. Including the behavior of our organs are defined in the rule of Wu Xing [the rules of the five elements]. Wu Xing said in the human body there are ten vital organs ie liver, gallbladder, heart, small intestine, stomach, spleen, lung, colon, kidney, and bladder.

The ten vital organ that has the function of each. Specifically our discussion about sore hips, waist is a ‘house’ kidneys. So feeling sore in that area could be related to the condition of weak or strong kidneys. fungi kidney according to TCM, not just organ blood filter as understood by the medical, kidneys according to TCM is the quintessence of life. Descent living embryo [Jing Chinese people call it] we are all the information stored in the kidneys. If there are problems in its performance, we will automatically give birth to weak offspring are less than perfect Jing owned.

If it’s sore what is done? tonifikasi massage that is, taking the herbs are hot like ginger and honey. remember also to rest his body more perfect. hopefully useful, greeting conference in the next article.

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