Acne | One minutes about seborrheic dermatitis

Acne is a skin disease the most common. More than 10% of Americans aged 25 to 44 have Acne. More than 85 Americans aged 12 to 25% will have acne at one time or another.  If ignored, Acne can become infected, create scars and scars become permanent in the face. I do not want to happen to you, then wrote a series of articles on how to clear your acne.

Acne is a disease

Acne is a disease called seborrhea or seborrheic dermatitis. It occurs when the sebaceous glands under the skin, become contaminated with oily toxic matter, which contains:

  • dirt
  • dead skin
  • excess sebum oil
  • acid waste
  • bacteria
  • toxic matter


Under normal conditions the sebaceous glands release oil that comes through the pores of the skin surface. This release keeps your skin moist and lubricated for protection of the environment. If the pores on your face are not open or plugged, this creates toxic oil that can not move on your skin. The result is a growth or pimple that start to increase in size as more toxic oil tries to reach the surface of the skin.

If the pore walls burst under the skin, white blood cells move to digest the collagen around the pores. When this happens, you will have scars on my face.   To avoid scarring, you need to start with acne-clearing program before you have acne or just come see the acne pimples and so that the back does not get to the point where severely infected and burst.

Clear your acne

Acne is a complex disease involving many body parts, although it appears as only eruptions on the face and other parts of your skin. It is a sign that you have problems elsewhere deep within your body. Acne can be caused by a toxic colon, poor digestion of food, weak liver and other conditions that cause the blood to carry too much toxicity.

To remove the Acne is not always possible to do only one thing and expect Acne to go away. But it can only be possible to use a special cream and have to reduce or eliminate AcneAcne may go away just to do something, but do not expect it. Face cream, diet, herbal medicine and cleansing of the colon alone is not able to clear Acne. The combination may or may not work.

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