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Leukemia Overview Today | Many people suffer from leukemia these days. A large number of cancer cases were identified as having leukemia. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Leukemia Overview is characterized by the overproduction of immature cells (stem cells), which is unable to fully develop and implement activities in the normal blood cells. What is issues Leukemia Overview Today?

Leukemia Overview Today said that here are three different types of cells in normal blood

According to their function and structure, there are three different types of cells in normal blood: red cells, white cells and platelets. Through the process of hematopoiesis, these three types of blood cells evolved from a particular kind of cells called stem cells. Stem cells divide and pass through several stages of development eventually form a mature blood cells of a particular characteristic of a certain function in the body. Leukemia Overview, The process by which a stem cell becomes a mature blood cells occurs in the bone marrow.


Leukemia Overview: the speed of development

Depending on the speed of development and persistence of the disease, there are two types of leukemia: acute leukemia and chronic leukemia. Acute leukemia is known to grow very rapidly, while chronic leukemia develops slowly. The different types of blood cells affected by the disease, lymphocytic leukemia or myeloid can Leukemia Overview.

Types lymphocytic and myeloid leukemia are developed from different cell types Leukemia Overview: the type of lymphoid leukemia develops from cells called lymphoblasts or lymphocytes in the spongy tissue in the bone, while the type of myeloid leukemia (sometimes called myeloid and myeloid leukemia) develops from myeloid cells.

Leukemia Overview on acute stage

In the case of acute forms of leukemia, the abnormal cells come from early, immature cells. These forms of the disease is very rapid development, due to the fact that normal stem cells tend to multiply often. Leukemic cells do not usually share more quickly and more often than normal stem cells, not simply stop the process of sharing, when they should. Sometimes the number of white blood cells are very high, while in other cases it may be normal or low.


slow development to Chronic leukemia ;  Leukemia Overview

Chronic leukemia, except for its slow development, is different from acute leukemia at the maturation of diseased cells that are able to achieve. Stem cells are affected by chronic leukemia next level of maturation, but the current anomalies, and they can not act as healthy white blood cells do. Unlike acute leukemia, Leukemia Overview unhealthy cells in the chronic form of the disease have much longer periods of life, and they tend to accumulate in different parts of the body.


Leukemia Overview said that Leukemia affects people of all ages. Although children usually respond better to treatment of leukemia, and sometimes treat diseases, very, difficult for adults to deal with this type of cancer.

The end comment about Leukemia Overview


Regardless of age and sex, Leukemia Overview many people are diagnosed with forms of leukemia. Children tend to respond better to certain types of leukemia, while adults hardly cope with the disease. Cases of acute leukemia than those of chronic leukemia 10 percent. Older people seem to be most affected by acute leukemia. Leukemia Overview About two thirds of acute leukemia appears to occur after age 60.

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