Bengkoang, secret recipe Javanese woman brightening cream

brightening cream – If we watch television or open a magazine about women, we will find many promotions that stimulate the women buy it. Because obviously for them, beauty or how they draw in the eyes of men is very important. Then they will do anything to get what’s so.

brightening cream one of the products are in great demand, especially by women from Asian nations that in fact they are brown skinned. various brands of brightening cream also has come out with various promotional promises that women were buying. Each claimed the most powerful product with chemical formulations and herbal extracts to date. Issued for the sake of research evidence to convince any potential buyers. But what is always safe? whether it is the best way out to get their skin to look beautiful?

For women in particular Javanese palace residents, they clearly have their own recipes for skin care and custody. One recipe is to use fruit bengkoang tradition. Bengkoang fruit is a plant that many cultivated ground java. tuber shape and tuber cut that was white. how to use them is to use the bulb as a mask. Could be through shredded roads in advance or can be combined with additional herbs or spices that can add to the efficacy of certain fruit bengkoang.

through natural treatments using bengkoang already proven to increase skin beauty Javanese woman. More than common brightening cream. There are even private companies that produce fruit bengkoang scrubs of mass and widely marketed to women of the world. Instead of expensive, choose to use naturally wrote bengkoang.

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