cure for hiv with indonesian herb Momordica charantia

cure for hiv – the world of health topics that are always warm to the subject of conversation is how to get rid of the disease hiv aid. various studies of the cost of billions of dollars not half-hearted world strive to answer how to cure for hiv or for the really frightening effect of the entry of HIV virus into the human body.

How not, someone who has been exposed to the virus hiv aid could only stand the pace of development in the use of Antiretroviral drugs. HIV AIDS can be treated as yet, at least so the words of the doctors from both within and outside the country. but is it true? whether there is a disease that has no solution?

cure for hiv treatment program with momordica charantia herb
cure for hiv treatment

essentially, God will not force his creations being cruel to their origin obey what the message of the apostles behest. Humans are asked not to commit adultery, instead they live it to bloom. Humans are required to get married, they went instead to multiply places of prostitution. When exposed to HIV-AIDS has emerged statement why god cruel reduce disease ‘that has no solution it’. HIV AIDS actually born as a warning to men that arrogant. They apply arrogant prohibitions against God.


“every disease is curable”,cure for hiv spirit.

As a man, we are forbidden to despair. Every disease must becan be cured. Because in all the original, a problemsare also readily available with his solutions. For example, in the case of HIV-AIDS, research in the field of traditional medicine is also quite advanced. As research on Momordica charantia, commonly known as bitter melon or indonesian people caled it Pare fruit.

In a study on this day has been supported by further research that Prof. Lee-Huang from the University of New York discovered a remarkable substance in bitter melon (Momordica charantia – bitter melon) ie, anti-viral compounds HIV – AIDS. The HIV virus is an anti-momorchorin called alpha, beta-momorchorin and MAP 30 (Momordica antiviral protein 30) which are found mainly in the old melon seeds. Exciting news also comes from the University of Colorado, United States, which states that contain a substance known to pare that can stop the reproduction of cancer cells and turn them off.

not to mention the herbal treasures excavated from the land of the legendary Chinese tela into the path of God’s solution to all ills that exist in the body manusia. based on experience, cure for hiv is not something that is not possible. Cure for hiv is very possible, with God’s permission of course.

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