Web Analytics introduction for newbie Web Developer

Web Analytics – You even have one of these counters at the bottom of your site, if you know exactly how many people visit your site. Makes you tap on the shoulder again? When you are, it’s time to move your site to the next level. It’s time for Web Analytics. Web Analytics may sound like a kind of complex configuration for your site, but for web developers and retailers fans on the Internet, Web Analytics is really a very useful and easy.

Web Analytics  about people visiting your site

Suddenly, Web Analytics can help you understand all the important information about people visiting your site. In a nutshell, is a way to explore visiting your site, what they do while they are there and why they leave. We talk all the Who, What, Where, When and why.


If you want to sell something on your site, web analytics will tell you what the product pages to attract more viewers, which of them the least. The tool can not even tell you which parts of your site is confusing to your visitors. And he can tell you where your main customers come from.

If you are looking for market positioning on search engines, there is no better way to Web Analytics. The tool can help you determine which keywords work best to drive traffic to your website. It lets you know how many visits you receive from advertising. This allows you to create web content to focus on these keywords and campaigns, and even more traffic to your website.

benefits Web Analytics

The benefits of Web Analytics are many, so here’s a short list of the main. Web Analytics:

  1. provide a lot of traffic. But unlike these counters based on the bottom of the page, Web Analytics distribution to see how many visitors are new visitors or “unique”, and how many are repeat visitors, with the pages and the number of pages viewed.
  2. trace the IP address of your visitors, which is like their numerical address on the Internet, where visitors come from. Not only that, you can find them for their location, the real world as the location and time of day they came.
  3. distribution of individual visits to the home page, where the first landed in place, and the output page, the last page you visited before leaving. Doorway pages generally show that the visitor can make your site on this page, probably because of its precious contents. Out on the other hand, could be the most boring content of your site.
  4. to calculate all the time visitors spent on your site, and what path they took through the site. This can give you a better idea of ​​how well-designed web page, so you can learn to better plan your site navigation in direct visitors to where you want to go and keep them in your site longer.
  5. trace the links back to visitors, who brought them to your site. Other pages have links to other sites, the better. On the other hand, visitors may come directly from your website, which is also not too shabby. It could mean that the site works orally.
  6. to weigh the value of keywords in the search engines for web content. Can you understand that the search terms people use the site. It can also analyze the conditions under which people are using search engines to find your site. In both cases, it is a good way to improve the content of what users are looking for.

The ultimate advantage of  Web Analytics is to make your site more valuable to its visitors. But of course you want to make it more interesting for you too.

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