Type Of Insulin

Type Of Insulin Quick Start fast acting insulin always looks clear. It is fast acting and begins to walk away from one to 20 minutes. Reaches its maximum about an hour later and lasts 3-5 hours. If you use this type of insulin you need to eat immediately if injected.

Type Of Insulin The two rapid onset, rapid-acting insulin currently available types:

  1. First NovoRapid (insulin aspart)
  2. Second Humalog (Lispro).

Short-acting insulin

Short-acting insulins always look clear. You begin to restore levels of blood sugar within half an hour less, which must be injected half an hour before eating.

The short-acting insulin has a peak at two to four hours, and lasts six to eight hours. Short-acting insulin types currently available:

First Actrapid
Second Humulin
Third Hypurin Neutral (bovine – highly purified bovine insulin).

Intermediate-acting insulin

Intermediate acting insulins always look cloudy. Or have protamine or zinc to delay action. These insulins start 90 minutes after injection, the peak four to 12 hours and a duration of 16 to 24 hours.

Intermediate acting insulins currently available:

First With protamine added – Protaphane, Humulin NPH isophane Hypurin (meat).

Preventing Diabetes

You have to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels in the blood and make the treatment of diabetes for the rest of his life. If you are not a good control of sugar levels in the blood are at risk of damage to blood vessels and neurological problems such as impaired vision, stroke, kidney disease and infections.

As explained by your doctor, take care of diet pills and all that is needed in most cases. If you are overweight, eat less and lose weight easily be enough to make insulin work more effectively.


Type Of Insulin Why use insulin pumps?

The number of people with the insulin pump for diabetes is growing rapidly in the grip, about 250,000 people around the world use an insulin pump. Are the reasons for the choice of the pump, there are many, but a general agreement “Bomba” everything better control and flexibility – both in terms of your schedule and lifestyle. This control and flexibility are advantages such as:

First Eat what you want when you want
Second least concerned about low blood sugar (“hypo”)
Third enjoy life on their own terms, does not snack and shooting date

There are many studies show that insulin pump therapy results in better outcomes for young people and adults with type 1 diabetes.There are also studies that insulin pump therapy works well for toddlers and preschool children show.

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