treat heartburn| Method of Therapy in Islamic Medicine

treat heartburn| The patients were treated through a scheme starting with physiotherapy and diet; if this failed, drugs were used, and at last,surgery would be resorted to. treat heartburn The physiotherapy included exercisesand water baths. The Arabs had an elaborate system of dieting andwere aware of food deficiencies. Proper nutrition was an importantitem of treatment.

treat heartburn simple and compound drugs

Drugs were divided into two groups: simple and compound drugs.They were aware of the interaction between drugs; thus, they usedsimple drugs first. If these failed, compound drugs were used whichare made from two or more compounds. If these conservativemeasures failed, surgery was undertaken.


Nutrition: Allah loves his creations so much that he is concerned even with what we eat and put in our body. Our muscles, bones,lungs, liver, brain and secretions are made from the raw product we feed it. treat heartburn If we provide the factory with junk raw products, the factory will not produce tough bones, strong muscles, good pump (heart) and clean pipes (vessels).

“O you mankind: Eat of what is lawful and good on earth. 2: 168

“Eat of the things which god has provided for you lawful and good, but fear God in whom you believe”. Forbidden to us are dead meat, blood and flesh of swine (5:4) and intoxicants (5:93 and 2:219). 5:91


treat heartburn confirmed any beneficial effects

Science so far has not confirmed any beneficial effects to the prohibitions. The blood and meat of the dead could be full of germs and other harmful elements like antibodies. treat heartburn The pork meat is high in cholesterol, salt and may have worms, and alcohol and other intoxicants cloud our mentation, our inhibition and interfere with our normal capacity of judging good and bad. Therefore, a person under the influence of alcohol may want to take off his dress, engage in unlawful sexual acts, become violent and abusive without even knowing what he is doing. On medical damages due to alcohol, whole books have been written treat heartburn.

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